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Introducing Stonebridge City Farm

Stonebridge City Farm is a charity close to my heart. Based in St. Ann’s, Nottingham, just on the outskirts of the City Centre, they look after a range of animals, large and small, and grow seasonal vegetables, herbs and plants. They also have a playground, café and shop and hold many events, both recreational and educational throughout the year.

The farm was started by local residents forty years ago and, respecting their heritage, they still aim to be an active and useful part of the community for the benefit of people in Nottingham

The farm is open seven days a week to visitors who can enjoy a ‘small slice of the countryside in the heart of the city’. They do not charge an entrance fee in order to remain accessible to everyone – although they do encourage donations to help them run the farm.

Stonebridge are also a registered charity supporting people from Nottingham. Many of the people who volunteer at the farm (60%) have a learning disability or a high-support mental health difficulty. These volunteers spend much of their time at Stonebridge City Farm, which gives many of them joy, purpose and amazing skills as well as invaluable respite for their families and carers. Stonebridge City Farm is ran by volunteers and has no direct funding. It's survival depends on the donations of their visitors, the public. They produce vegetables, herbs and plants, honey and eggs which they sell on site. Currently Stonebridge City Farm are in financial crisis and unless they can come up with £30.000, they will face closure. If you would like to help, you can make a donation here:

or even sign up as a volunteer. You could also hold your own fundraiser. Every penny counts. I am currently getting to know everyone at Stonebridge by volunteering there myself. Getting to know the staff, volunteers, and the wonderful animals as well as looking into what I can do personally to help their fundraiser. I plan to paint a portrait of one of their animals to sell at auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to the farm. And that's just for starters. Watch this space for more news and keep up-to-date with my weekly adventures at Stonebrige City Farm by following this blog.

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